A digital tool to discover the resources of your territory

Cityful is a digital tool, an edu-game and a methodology for youth workers

Yes, Cityful is all this! Our goal, in fact, is to support a new way to approach troubled youth and fragile groups living in our communities by providing them with an educational game to promote their activation/reactivation while discovering how third sector and social entrepreneurship can create positive impact in our cities.
Therefore Cityful fosters the activation and/or reactivation of young people who are not at school, in training or work, by challenging them in solving social quests while exploring their neighborhoods in an on-life experience!

An on-life digital tool with gaming mechanics

Cityful aims to strengthen the connection between young people and the Third Sector, offering the former opportunities to develop knowledge and skills useful to become active citizens and protagonists of social innovation processes and, at the same time, supporting the capacity of the latter to meet the social and economic needs of the younger generations, creating employment and spaces of expression.
In detail, Cityful aims to:

  1. Give youth workers a phygital tool and innovative methodology to become facilitators and bridge between troubled youngsters and civic activation opportunities coming from their own community. A way to “surf” the complex relation between youngsters and cities/communities.
  2. Empower young adults about the role and employability offered by the non for profit and social entrepreneurship ecosystem. Sharing how welfare strategies, and impactful ideas can become also a way to create new jobs and opportunities.

How does it work:

the methodology

Cities can be beautiful,
if we all decide
to invest in one another! 

Cityful phygital tool is one of two intellectual outputs of an Erasmus+ KA2 project together with a “methodological guide” to better frame the tool and prompt youth workers and youth organizations to evolve or at least blend their approaches with new ways and categories.

Third Sector organizations in fact, contribute to the definition of local and European development strategies, also representing people with fewer opportunities: if properly integrated in the policy ecosystem and in the dialogue with institutions, they can enrich the public debate with innovative approaches to the resolution of social needs and/or contribute to the achievement of long-term community-related objectives. In this panorama the project promoters recognize the Third Sector as a resource to meet the needs of young people, in particular those identified in the European Youth Goals:

  • Find quality employment: the extraordinary meeting of the European Council in Luxembourg in 1997 recognized the fundamental role of social economy enterprises in creating jobs.
  • Create lifelong and quality learning opportunities oriented to the development of skills, and that guarantee knowledge of the political and democratic system, also on the basis of experiences connected to community life: the Third Sector takes on a mission of creation and promotion of social value, committing itself to a process of innovation, adaptation and lifelong learning, and demonstrates a strong sense of responsibility towards the communities it serves and the results it achieves.
  • Create inclusive spaces for participation: within the Third Sector, young and very young people find opportunities for involvement and privileged channels of communication with public institutions;
  • Connecting the EU and young people: through the organizations young people can get closer to EU-funded opportunities, as demonstrated by the fact that, just in 2018 , European projects implemented by NGOs and civil society institutions were about 47 thousand (source European Commission).

At the end of the day, Cityful aims to strengthen the connection between young people and the Third Sector, offering them opportunities to develop knowledge and skills useful to become active citizens and key actors for social innovation processes.


The Youth Policy Department of the City of Cinisello Balsamo plans actions with and for young people under 35. It promotes activities for the implementation of transversal skills with a view to developing the human and social capital of the territory, civic sense and participation.


Itinerari Paralleli is a social enterprise that designs and delivers solutions for social innovation and urban regeneration. It does it by combining different skills, including socio-cultural planning, action research, design thinking and business modeling.


Co-Actions is an Activity and Work Cooperative, located in the South West of France. Co-Actions supports unemployed people, project leaders and young entrepreneurs to experience the feasibility of their own entrepreneurial project with security, freedom and solidarity.


Trokut is an entrepreneurial center for new technologies located in the town of Šibenik, Croatia. It is a melting pot, a destination and a place where new ideas are created and innovations flow with ease.